Strict New Law in Connecticut for Children’s Car Seats

new law in Connecticut for Kids safety seats

Seat Belts for kids in the backseat are no longer safe enough. According to the new CT laws, parent of children riding in vehicles will be required to follow new safety laws until children are 8 years old.

What are the Child Passenger Safety Laws in Connecticut? Children should ride in a booster until they reach 8 years old AND 60 pounds (they must meet both requirements). Children who ride in a booster seat must use a lap and shoulder belt.

Starting October 1st, children in the state of Connecticut must remain in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years old and up to 30 pounds in weight. (Previously, the law for infants riding in vehicles was inforced with rear-facing car seats until they were 1 year old and 20 pounds). But what about the laws for older children in a 5-point harness seat? The law adds they must also be in the harness seat until the age of 5. Parents are also required to use a booster seat for children until they weigh 60 pounds and are 8 years old; that’s a year longer than the previous law.


Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent. The best way to keep your child safe in the car is to use the right car seat in the right way. Here are some car seat safety tips to protect your children:

  • Road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States.
  • Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent.
  • Three out of four car seats are not used or installed correctly.
  • Buy the right car seat. Your baby needs to ride in a rear-facing car seat at least until age 2. When your child has outgrown that seat, you’ll need a forward-facing car seat.’
  • Install your car seat properly. If you aren’t sure, please check the manual or stop by and we can help!
  • Getting the right fit. A properly-fitted harness gives the best possible protection for your child.
  • Know when to change your car seat. Make sure your child is still within the weight of recommended use for the car seat. If he/she has outgrown it in terms of height, weight and age limits for that seat, you’ll need to change your car seat.

Source: CT Safe Kids

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